Corporate identity - design DTP

Corporate identity - design DTP

Visual identification is one of the most important elements of creating brand in the market. That depends on it whether potential customers will be born awareness of the company and this is the basic tool for creating its image. The whole of such actions consists of the creation of the so-called. Book's Identification and that it contained any guidelines for corporate identity. There are actually quite a lot, because it contains every detail related to this issue. The mere visual identification typically consists of such items as:

  • corporate logos
  • colors identifying the company
  • typeface and font
  • the appearance of product packaging
  • common features of promotional materials

Identification book contains the more detailed development of the / in the elements. There is already talk about recital features such as decorative symbols referring to the company profile, all types of forms and envelopes company and even bills or invoices. It is important to identify the company through trade dress of its employees and the appropriate standardization of the fleet of cars, if it has one company. Additionally, the same company headquarters should be architecturally conditioned to every visitor to her client knew he hit properly.

Visual Image knows that such activities are crucial for both new companies as well as for "veterans" who would like to refresh your self-image. We are able to design, test and put into circulation every element of which was covered here, ranging from the development of the logo, and its three-dimensional block placed on the facade of the company ending. Additional materials in the form of folders, files company, flags, banners, and even souvenirs and mascots will be an excellent source for creating identification features of the company.


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