Prototyping - 3D printing

Prototyping - 3D printing

3D prototyping and 3D printing are some of the latest technology in the service of wider visualization. That which until recently could only watch in films science - fiction today is a normal market offer advertising - design.

Prototyping 3D is a great deal of our activities. With one of the best tools for this, which is the program 3D Studio Max, we are able to generate objects, which in the future will become tangible devices or component parts of the things that the customer will want to enter into their production. It is widely known that before anything is implemented, it must first pass the test phase and inspection. This avoids the huge costs and time. The process of creating the prototype is fairly complex, but it starts with the most important element, namely from the assumptions that the client wants us to know and take into account all of the features of its design. This is the first and most important moment of the birth of the prototype. It depends on him later shape of the object, its intended use and functionality.

3D printing is a sort of the next step in this entire process. It was here, after approval of the shape and other characteristics of the object, we are witnessing the birth of our designs of them and turning into the concept of the three-dimensional physical object.

Prototypowanie druk 3D

Performed by our graphic prototypes using a three-dimensional printers, we replace the real objects that we touch, check their functionality, and - most importantly - to verify their final shape without incurring huge costs. It is undoubtedly important, because nowadays innovative and fast action is crucial in each of this type of inventiveness often determines the position of the producer on the market.


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