Shopper marketing

Shopper marketing

Shopper marketing takes place usually in shopping malls and shops. Its main task is to make a potential buyer of the product, its one hundred percent buyer. This is due to several factors such as product, its price, availability and promoting it. All sellers profiles its activities for the purchase of slaughter customer specific product, but the final choice is made, however, the same buyer.

This type of marketing is based strictly on the psychological aspect of human nature. It gives the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the product, through forms of visual presentations on monitors, tangible contact with him when this product is lined to the public by the accessible customer site, as well as giving us the opportunity to obtain information directly from the person who at a given location is a representative of the brand. Implementation of such a targeted and planned from the beginning to the end in terms of buyer interest and calls it the need for a product. This is a project where you can not skip any item, even such seemingly trivial as the bar price. Shopper marketing is to call the customer the impression that everything was arranged just for him, and he is right in the middle of something sublime and important.

Shopper marketing activities can be divided into the so-called principle. 4P, namely:

  • product (product)
  • price (price)
  • place (where available)
  • promotion (promotion)


Visual Image comes to help also in this matter. We carry out this type of project, based on market research, observation of human behavior. Comprehensively carry out all elements that are part of shopper marketing.


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