The work freehand drawing

The work freehand drawing

Drawing and painting freehand.

Sensitivity to beauty lies in human nature forever. However, not everything can be generated with the help of computers and specialized graphics programs. Crafts is always an interesting way of expressing feelings, interests or needs. They are undoubtedly the work of a unique, since it is difficult to create two identical paintings or drawings. It is true that we often encounter with the concept of copy images, but they are only copies.

Freehand drawings are attractive in themselves, but can also be sketches, on the basis of which the creation of oil painting adorning the interior living room or office. Drawing creates both pencils and charcoal drawing and dry pastels. These techniques are suitable for drawing a hyper realistic but also to sensational, expressive works of hundreds of expressing emotions.

Painting is the foundation of a much more complex and diverse. There we have not only many types of paint, but also brushes or canvases themselves or paper types.

The most popular types of paint art include:

  • oil paints
  • acrylic paints
  • watercolor paints


The Visual Image also address these issues are not alien to us. In our team we have designers and also those who with a brush or pencil in hand, they feel like the proverbial fish in water. The principle in painting or drawing is similar to other offers. The most important for us are the suggestions and expectations of the customer ordering the work. If they are already set, then voting may imagination and expression of our artists, who are armed with the right tools do not finish their work, if the work will not be completed or may not satisfy the customer.

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